Case Study No.3 (Bilateral Knee Arthritis)


Name: Robert

Age: 67 year old male

Occupation: Retired office worker

Sports / Leisure / Lifestyle: cyclist

Injury or major complaint: Complains of progressive nagging bilateral knee pain present over 6 months. Pain is present at rest and worse with increased activity and cycling. The doctors have diagnosed Robert with bilateral knee arthritis in the past.

Products used: hot or cold compresses offered minimal relief and the use of analgesic cream or gels applied to knees did not help.

Option available: ELIXIR knee sleeve with embedded natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic product molecules.

Product recommended: The ELIXIR knee sleeve offers compression and support of the knee for warmth and improved circulation to the area of pain. Furthermore the ELIXIR compression sleeve provides pain relief and helps decrease inflammation naturally allowing quicker time for healing. Very useful in chronic conditions The ELIXIR knee sleeve can be worn during the day and through the night offering an anti-inflammatory effect and analgesia to the area affected while at the same time promoting healing.