Case Study No.6 (Postural pain, Polymyalgia)


Name: Lucas

Age: 50

Occupation: Office work

Sports / Leisure / Lifestyle: minimal because of pain

Injury or major complaint: Progressive bilateral shoulder and upper back pain over 2-3 years. No specific mechanism of injury. The pain is affecting quality of life. Lucas has a hard time getting active or even remaining active.

Products used: Minimal relief with hot compresses and the use of analgesic cream or gels applied to shoulders. A trial of massage therapy offered no significant relief.

Option available: ELIXIR back and shoulders T-Shirt with embedded natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic product molecules

Product recommended: The ELIXIR back and shoulders T-Shirt offers warmth and improved circulation to the areas of pain. Furthermore, the ELIXIR back and shoulders T-Shirt provides pain relief and helps decrease inflammation naturally, allowing quicker time for healing. The product is very useful in with chronic conditions. The ELIXIR back and shoulders T-Shirt can be worn during the day and through the night offering an anti-inflammatory effect and analgesia to the area affected while at the same time promoting healing.