Meet Joseph Polossifakis, Olympic Sabre Fencer

March 29, 2019

Meet Joseph Polossifakis, Olympic Sabre Fencer

Name: Joseph Polossifakis

Profession: Olympic Sabre Fencer

Bio: Born in Montreal, Québec, Canada, Joseph started fencing at the age of 12 and has already accomplished quite a lot! Being part of the National Canadian Team since 2009, Polossifakis made his Olympic debut in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Furthermore, he is a 5 time Pan American Games medalist. He also launched his own podcast, The Olympian's Podium, where he talks to other Olympic athletes about their journey. They open up to him by discussing the hurdles and wins they had along the way, their unique stories and what this adventure means to them. 

How ELIXIR keeps him going?

Having suffered from back injuries, Joseph wears the ELIXIR T-Shirt while off training to recover faster all the while doing the things he loves besides fencing.


Follow him on Instagram: @j_polo and Facebook & Twitter @Polo4Rio.

You can also listen to his show via:


Instagram: Theolympianspodium

Twitter : @olympianspodium