Former Canadian Professional Tennis Champion Aleksandra Wozniak Joins Elixir as Marketing Director

March 13, 2019

Former Canadian Professional Tennis Champion Aleksandra Wozniak Joins Elixir as Marketing Director

Montreal, Quebec, February 28, 2019 - ELIXIR, the revolutionary line of natural pain relief wearables developed to treat sports, muscle, and joint injuries, is pleased to add Aleksandra Wozniak, the former Canadian Number One professional tennis player, to the expanding ELIXIR team as the new Director of Marketing.

As the fourth highest-ranked Canadian singles player of all time, Wozniak achieved a career-best ranking of 21 in the World Tennis Association rankings before retiring from the sport due to ongoing injuries in December 2018.

Guaranteed to smash it in her new new role, Wozniak will play an important part in the international launch of ELIXIR, focussing her winning energy on developing sales channels and partnerships.

"Retiring from tennis was one of the toughest decisions I'll ever have to make, but there comes a point in time when you have to listen to your body, and my body was just no longer able to perform at 100% due to injuries," said Wozniak. "It's great to start this next chapter of my life with such a creative company that really understands injury prevention and recovery so well."

As a professional athlete, this queen of the court knows first-hand that there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to pain relief. ELIXIR offers a product line of different wearables that target specific parts of the body. Made with a natural and innovative technology, ELIXIR's range of garments and braces reduce inflammation, joint discomfort, muscle soreness and even pain from bruises simply by wearing them.

"After my knee injury, I started wearing the ELIXIR knee sleeve and it really helped me recover" said Wozniak. "As a previous brand ambassador for ELIXIR, I personally know the product well and I can't wait to share my love of it with anyone out there in pain who just wants to feel better."

Sleek and stylish, ELIXIR wearables are proudly Canadian designed and made. Approved by Health Canada, ELIXIR's innovative product line immediately starts to working to relieve and reduce pain thanks to its two champion ingredients, wintergreen and arnica. With millions of embedded microcapsules, ELIXIR provides a new and more natural way to relive stubborn and persistent pain that arises in our daily lives.

"We are ecstatic to welcome Aleksandra to the team. As someone who has played tennis at the highest level, Aleksandra brings with her a great love and passion of the sport" said Jean-François Gauthier, CEO and Founder of ELIXIR. "As a bonus, she has such unique and vast personal knowledge of the sports industry, so it's definitely a very exciting time for ELIXIR."



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Approved by Health Canada and validated by clinical trials, ELIXIR is the first wearable product that provides pain relief on a continuous basis using the proprietary slow release system that is activated by body heat and movement. Providing up to 600 hours of relief action, this innovative technology naturally reduces inflammation and alleviates muscle strain and joint discomfort. ELIXIR can be worn all day while performing regular life activities, sports, as well as during sleep for total recovery.


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