SELF-CARE DAY: Throughout the year for ElixirWear

September 06, 2018

SELF-CARE DAY: Throughout the year for ElixirWear

Date: July 24th          Where: Wellwise in Etobicoke & in Leaside

For International Self-Care Day on July 24th, our team of active enthusiast were in Wellwise Etobicoke, as well as the one in Leaside, to promote the benefits of this day; healthy choices, self-care practices and disease prevention. 

With our partnered team, Urban Poling, we’ve shared tips and advices for the community to get up and keep going! This experience allowed us to exchange with the participants, ideas of self-care strategies to apply in our everyday lives.

And the most important information anyone should take from this day is that whatever the level of impact these actions have on your life, ALL are good; from laughing to brushing your teeth, to stop smoking and eating healthy.

At ElixirWear, taking care of yourself is not a one day thing, it’s an all year round event!

We keep ourselves active, we continue promoting physical activity and self care as well as using our very own product to take care of our muscles and joints! 

If we did not have the chance to meet this year, let’s stay connected and say: To Next Year!


ElixirWear Team