The Olympian's Podium: Motivation at its finest!

November 22, 2018

The Olympian's Podium: Motivation at its finest!

Joseph Polossifakis: Canadian, Olympian, Sabre Fencing Athlete, Spokesperson, all around a great guy and, recently, host of HIS podcast: The Olympian's Podium

Who better to meet the future, the present and the past of the best sports talents in Canada than him! 

His interviews with the other Olympians are not great, they are extraordinary. The athletes open up to him by discussing the hurdles and wins they had along the way, their unique stories and what this adventure means to them. 

We, at ElixirWear, are fans of his podcast and are a proud sponsor of some of the podcasts such as the one with Jacqueline Simoneau and the hopeful Olympian Pierce Lepage. 

We strongly invite you to follow and listen to Joseph's show via: 


Instagram: Theolympianspodium

Twitter : @olympianspodium