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q: Are ELIXIR products machine washable?

YES! Just make sure to wash with COLD water.

q: Once the medicated solution has run out of my product, can I still use it?

ELIXIR products are environmentally friendly, so even though you've used your product for over 600 hours, it can still be used as a regular brace or t-shirt.

q: How do I know that my product has run out of the medicated solution?

ELIXIR's release system works with body friction and heat, which releases a medicated scent. You will know that your product has run out of solution when you can no longer smell it.

q: Can I sleep with my ElixirWear on?

Absolutely! By wearing ELIXIR overnight, it will help you avoid pain and stiffness in the morning. 

q: If I don't wear the ELIXIR everyday, will the medicated solution dissolve?

Of course not!  ELIXIR works with body friction and heat. If you don't wear it, it stays intact. Be careful of people around you, they might steal your ELIXIR and wear out the solution. We don't cover these kinds of incidents!

q: Can I be allergic to ELIXIR?

If you think you might have an allergic reaction to our product, then you might also be allergic to one or more of the following ingredients: aspirin, peppermint, menthol, mint or any other product containing methyl salicylate (wintergreen).

q: Are there any contraindications to ELIXIR use?

The only official contraindication is that one of the active ingredients, Wintergreen, is not approved for pregnancy. In other words, if you are pregnant you should avoid all of our products.

q:  Are there any interactions with other medications?

In terms of drug interactions, there could be moderate interactions with certain blood thinners (e.g.: anisindione, coumadin, dicumarol, jantoven, miradon, warfarin) where the dose might need to be adjusted. Given that ELIXIR is not taken orally, it has limited side effects, but it is still better to consult your physician.

q: Can ELIXIR be worn on damaged skin?

No. ELIXIR should not be worn on open wounds, sunburned or irritated skin. It is also important to note that if there is any kind of rash or swelling, consulting your physician should be the first thing to do before using ELIXIR.



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