Why it Works

Safer Alternative than Traditional Painkillers

ELIXIR is a safe and efficient alternative to both pills and topical creams. Pills are not convenient for everybody and may cause stomach problems. Topical creams require regular use, only last for a maximum of a few hours, and always need to be within reach.

The 20 Days Threshold

Did you know that it takes roughly 20 days for your body to fully recover from muscle pain? While most people feel relief after a couple of days or even hours, your body is not completely healed. This may cause the pain to return shortly after treatment has ceased. This is where ELIXIR comes in handy! Its 600 hours of guaranteed use is equivalent to 1 month of treatment if worn 24/7. No need to think about topical creams or pills anymore, just wear ELIXIR and off you go!

Tested and Proven Clinically

ELIXIR has been clinically tested. The experiment aimed to validate the efficiency of the wearables on light-to-acute pain scale. All of the patients had pain greater than a 4-5 on the commonly used Numerical Rating Scale. An ELIXIR Wearable was given to each patient, and after one month of usage, patients submitted answers to a questionnaire. 96.9% had positive results and felt relief. 

Approved by Health Canada

ELIXIR has been approved by Health Canada. Our product is safely designed and made in Montreal. Each wearable contains millions of microcapsules embedded inside the fabric. The microcapsules contain two main active ingredients derived from plants: Wintergreen essential oil and Arnica extract. These all-natural ingredients have been proven to heal, as well as relieve pain and inflammation.